Espresso Machine

I started working on some copper and brass material tests, but the renders started looking okay so I kept going. I am trying to get a somewhat photo realistic coffee shop (espresso machine) image.
I think I have been looking at this image too long now, I see an object that I forgot to subsurf, I will get another imaged loaded soon.
I am looking for any advise that can be given and espeacially advice on how to add to the photorealism.

Thanks in advance


Wow! I love it!

I know its not part of the 3d aspect, but imo the red bar should go out the window. It stands out too much, turns the attention away from the center piece.

Thanks Borgleader - red bar gone.

almost perfect:evilgrin:
only thing that’s letting it down are the shadows between the plats are to dark, and the picture/ mirror above the machine dusent look quite right.

Thanks for your input hessiess, I have one rendering now with YAFRAY (the first one was Blender Internal). Hopefully that will help with the HDRI problems in the mirror above the espresso machine. I will also try to lighten up the shadows between plates.

Thanks again

Here is one that I rendered in YAFRAY.
The overall illumination seems better, but it did not really seem to change the HDRI side of it as I thought it would. I also seem to have lost some of the textures (I need to figure that one out).
Any thoughts, I could sure use some advice.
Here is a higher res version of the same.



Okay, here is another one. This one is another Blender Internal low resolution render, but this time I faked the reflection in the mirror.

Any ideas?


wow some of thats close to photo realistic oly crit is rhe cups they need a better mat and a bit more light

Thanks HD render man.

What exactly do you mean about a better matterial? Maybe a bit more texturized?

Here is my reference photo that I am essentially trying to copy just Busterized a bit, I should have added from the get go.


The body of the machine… maybe the whole thing, is too fiery for me.The background is fairly low tone, and it makes it hard to look. The sliver pipes on the front look like they are jumping when you try to look at them.

I like it, but I think the metal should be darker, and something is weird about the saucer stack… I cant really pin it down though.

you do know its unethical to post photo’s and claim that you made them in blender… :ba:

just kidding :smiley:

Great work here… looks amazing!

Absolutely awesome machine. I want one. Try making the saucers translucent so the light shines through them a little bit. Might help.

Great job, here are some observations.

Look at the wall edge in your reference and compare it to your render - notice how the real edge has a slight bit of width to it, that is where there is some edging under the paint to protect the corner from damage, it creates a little raised bump on the very corner that catches specular light.

The saucers and cups need some oompf… try Orinoco’s suggestion, or perhaps the SSS material property.

Again, looking at the reference, the reflections are much more complex in the photo which makes sense, as one would assume there is a room full of furniture, equipment and people, all of which would contribute to the scene.

The wall needs some texture (there are visible brush marks in the photo)

Reflections on the counter top are too sharp and do not fall off over distance.

The shadows are totally black, try AO or add fill lighting to soften them.

Notice how the brass reflects colored light on the wall behind the machine in the reference?

I find the composition of the reference image more visually interesting, the machine there looks substantial and solid like the workhorse it is. In the render the machine looks skinny and is just part of the shot - put the focus on the machine, perhaps a different focal length would help.

Details for sure, but this could be really great! :eyebrowlift:


Thanks all for the advise.
Here is another render with the following changes (pay no attention to the missing Van Gouh, I’ll get it in the next render).

  • I darkened up the metal material a bit.

Orinoco & pappy

  • For the “ceramic” materials I added a bit of SSS and instead of making them slightly translucent I added a slight emiting value to the material. I think it helped soften up the shadows.


  • I added a bit of depth and detail to the corner of the wall, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up well in the render, I will keep working on that.
  • I also fattened up the machine a bit.

Please let me know how it looks with these changes.

Thanks again


Better, better better… :slight_smile:

You might need a “spec only” light to bring out the wall edge. Or AO might help.

The counter/table top now really jumps out. A small amount of “clouds” texture to the Nor and RayMirr channels combined with reducing the ray reflect might do the deal. In the latest SVN builds there are options to deal with “gloss” and reflection fall off, not absolutely necessary, but if you are using a new build you could give it a try.

Have you tried an AO render? Most of the other things I notice would be cleared up with that. One trick is to copy your scene with no lights and AO render it, then use the composite nodes to combine the two scene renders into one image. While your in the nodes you can also use curves on the “color” render to fine tune the result without having to re render.

Keep em coming!


Thanks pappy

I am actually using 10 samples of AO with an energy setting of 0.8 (sky color).
I also have clouds and noise textures on the countertop both linked to Nor, Spec, and Raymirror. (I will bump it up a bit and I will also lower the ray reflect a bit.
Rendering now**

BTW here is also one with a little (I think too much) DOF effects made with nodes.



Are you rendering in yafray, because that would make 5x better.

Try the AO only pass, I think it might really help. Turn textures off for the render and then mix the result (screen?) with a color pass. (with no AO)

This should clear up these things.

  1. Dishes need more light.
  2. The wall edge.
  3. The shadows which are still too CG - they look like outdoors sun light, not indoors reflected light.

Oh, another observation… the “dome” of the machine looks like it has never been touched by human hands. The copper is thin, and will usually have some distortion from the forming process, or just usage.


Okay here is a big one. I ran a pure AO pass and I am multiplying the result with the normal pass based on a color ramp. I did however have to add an additional normal pass over the top since the pur AO pass was quite dark. This did help reduce the “firery” look of the copper quite a bit. Here are a bunch of renders with different settings.



Hmm, not doing it, is it? Still something not right…

Ahh… remember how I said that it looks more like outdoor sun light? - It’s the COLOR of the light and the hard shadows that is bothering me. Look at the reference which has a much warmer feel to it from a combination of soft shadows and a reddish tint to the color. It’s obvious that it was taken indoors. The warm copper of the machine (and the reflections from it) fit in well with the warm light on the other objects.
Perhaps a buffered spot light with a reddish tint and soft shadows?