Espresso Machine

It is a little intimidating posting right after so many threads with multiple starts, but I have had this one over in Focused Critique for a while and I to be honest I can’t stand looking at it anymore.
So, I am going to call it done.


And a fine job it is.

Hope you have plans for more!


I could nitpick about a few things, but it’s mainly pretty nice. And I’m so happy you didn’t call it an ‘expresso’ machine.:stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll put this right next to enricoceric’s cup of espresso. Well done, Busterhymen.

Thanks guys, I learned a lot making it and I hope the next one is better.

blenditall - ‘Expresso’? I may be from Oregon, but we are not all loggers and hicks. :eyebrowlift2:

It was hella nice when you posted it in Focused, now its even better. Good job :slight_smile: Hope to see more from you.