Espresso machine

Hi all,

Any comments/suggestions? I used the anisotropic material for the first time ( main body ), default settings. H
How are the other settings? Too glossy, or not enough?
I note some noise in the plastic. Any ideas how to reduce it? Raising the sample count is possible, but it’s already at 1000 samples and takes 2 hours.

Note: I found the crease by the button, and the tear in the milk cover.

hi! This already looks great! The metal parts are awesome (with the blue light). Maybe try to reduce the roughtness of the plastic to avoid the noise. The rest is nice. :smiley:

I think it looks great. The green LED light is a very nice touch. Only a few things I notice: The bottom platform with the holes in it is a little too reflective. The center knob might want a bevel, looks like I’d cut my finger on it. And of course it needs a counter/kitchen to live in. Really nice.

To me it looks like the whole machine doesn´t have a bottom plate at all. I would add that because they usually have one so that the counter stays clean. Because of that those machines usually have a drawer underneath where you put the cups, too. It doesn´t look as if yours has one. Maybe fix that with a bigger front plate or a bigger edge, something like that.
But the rest really does look great.