Espresso Machine

I have a couple of tweaks I want to do to the water container in the back, but I’m having a little trouble with the plastic because I’m using Blender internal to render.

The cup on top seems like it’s too small in comparison to the espresso machine, but other than that the model looks great. The choice for texture goes really well, and the reflection on the ceramic cups is brilliant. Through the texture on the espresso machine behind the cup seems a little too shiny, almost like the ceramic. Other than that, I really like it.
Keep up the good work :smiley:

the smaller cup is an espresso cup, the larger one is for cappachino. I tend to agree that the reflectivity is a bit much behind the cup. thanks for the comment.

harleynut, thanks for the comment. I like your project you posted a link to with the espresso machine. I chose to use BI because of my familiarity with it. This is actually my second project with Blender. I’ve tested for years, but I’ve only recently started anything serious. My first project is the WIP found in my signature. Also, I chose BI because I could not get cycles to look as good, so it looks like I need to put in some more time to practice with cycles. Also, I do cpu rendering, so it’s slower, but I would like to get it rendered with cycles as well. The steel is actually a texture made with gimp.

Yea, CPU is definitely slower with cycles than GPU, but for a still image like this, even with the CPU it’s not that big of a deal. But I thought your espresso render came out real nice. If you wouldn’t mind me asking one other question… I really like the font you choose to use on your image, what’s the name of it if you know?

Really nice render. If you can make images of this quality with BI, then go for it. definitely feel free to explore cycles by all means, but don’t feel pressured to shift over to the fancy new renderer. You’ve got a good thing going here.

The modelling and texturing looks good. The background might look better with a curved sub-surfed plane to remove the contrast between the floor and the sky.

Thanks for comments. I have not logged in for a week or so.

Harleynut, I will have a look and see what the font is and get back with you in a pm. I’m guessing the font you’re talking about is for my name?

Mexicoxican, thanks for your comment. I plan on sticking with BI for the time being but will try to transition to cycles sometime soon just to prepare for BI’s discontinuation, which is something I read will eventually happen.

Blenderfan, thanks for the comment. I agree, and for the final render I will likely go with that. Then I have a really cool concept for a scene I want to try with this same model.

Does anyone know any good material settings for plastic in BI? That is all I am still working on for this model. It’s not really going to be noticed for the final render, but I don’t consider it complete until I find the right material.

Ok, I’ve re-rendered in cycles now. I like it a lot. It’s not as slow as I thought it would be. Please feel free to comment.

Also, I should mention this is a cuisinart product.

outstanding work, very realistic, i would love to see it in a working rendition…alittle hot expresso! i know is easy for me to say as im not the one modelling it…nice job.

Looking great! The last render in cycles has a lot of improvements over the BI one, however I think the metal looks slightly more realistic in your first post. Are you using a glossy node for the metal? If so, you may want to consider using an anisotropy node instead to get more of a sanded metal look to it. At least that’s the kind of metal I would imagine a machine like this having.

Bro.Steve, thanks a lot for your comments. I appreciate it. I think I will put it in a real scene when I’m done with it.

Nimtrix, Thank you too. I just finished changing the nodes around in cycles and got what I think is the final render. However, I’m considering adding the Cuisinart name to the machine, as it is on the machine. But I want to be done with this so we will see.

Here it is, let me know what you think.

Yea… I think that change in the metal makes it look much more realistic.

Awesome. I had a quick look at a reference picture of the machine and I think I would try less roughness on the glossy of the black plastic bit. From the picture it looks like the glow is slightly sharper. Image Link

Did you change the reflectivity of the bottom cup? I think it needs to reflect a little more, after that I think it’s awesome. Definitely believable.

Nimtrix, thanks for your input. I actually own the machine and looked at the reference images as well. It’s really weird because I noticed a couple things different about the reference images like the steam wand being different and the overall steel color having a high level of variance due to lighting. I agree with what you’re saying about the bottom part in some reference images, but mine does look really rough. But also, mine is not in a studio, haha. Anyway, unfortunately I did not think I would receive much more feedback and so I submitted to finished projects. I value your input, thanks again.

LeafEater, I did change it because I added another light source and it worked really well with the metal but it killed the cup with an overabundance of reflections and it was just too much. I think it could use more reflectiveness as well, it looked nicer. Thanks for your comments.

Yeah, sorry about the slow posting, I just joined the forum so my posts have to be moderated before they appear.

As for the gloss, I saw slight differences in some of the pictures as well. It looks great the way it is, but it was a bit different from your BI render, so I just thought I’d mention it in case you wanted to try it out.

men it’s amazing professional work, i love it!

Welcome to the Forum by the way Nimtrix.

Thanks Kengi. For everyone interested I fixed the reflection on the cup and you can view it in Finished projects. Please let me know what you think.

blacks are too dark
move lights a little higher