I haven’t made anything for a long time, but today i wanted to try modeling a nice espresso cup and render it with cycles.
I set it to 800 samples full GI but i noticed it looked perfectly fine already at 500.
I used a HDR image only for lighting with sample as light enabled at 256.

It took about 20 min on my 6 year old Mac Pro which feels like quite ok for such a render.
It makes me wonder how Cycles will perform on a future dual 8 core Xeon (up to 32 virtual cores) with the future speed optimizing of Cycles and all… yummy :yes:

I’m not satisfied with the spoons or the floor/ground but doing the usual wooden table felt to obvious so i had to try something else.
Label was made in Inkscape.

How does this one feel to you guys?

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Not being happy with something isn’t unusual:)

It looks great however, and if the intention was to produce something that looks real, then pat yourself on the back.

The only aspect that looks odd, is the crema on the coffee; wrong colour and not fine enough, but acceptable.

Just noticed that the second cup there is no surface tension on the liquid causing it to lie perfectly flat where it meets the cup; not obvious in the fuller cup.

Nicely done. Besides the points you mentioned yourself I cannot notice anything wrong. The espresso looks like it has mixed in cacao powder.

Thanks for your replies and honest thoughts!

I have a Rancilio Rocky grinder and a Silvia Espresso machine myself and depending on what beans you buy and how fine you grind your beans you get very different color and bubbles/foam/crema look.

It’s hard to get the surface tension showing… it’s to dark to show depending on how you lighting is set.

These renders are based on a real coffee/crema result… though i think you’re right, it was a tad to red/cacao’ish looking.

Here’s a few updates.
Now i’m just not to satisfied with the plates… they need some love to get more smooth looking.

Fresh grind beans pushed through a espresso machine just right is…mmmmm yummy :eyebrowlift:

Thanks again for your honest opinion.

this looks really great :slight_smile:
i wonder how long it would take me to render, ive got the top (FX-8150) 8 core bulldoser

Probably around 2-4 min
My last three pics was about 8-12 min with full GI on my old 2 x 2 core Xeon 2.66 Ghz :o

Looks great! Is the foam an image texture or did you model it? If you modeled it, How did you get such a good result?!

nice, so tyhats 4 cores at 2.6, mines 8 cores at 4.2, maybe under a minute then ;D

In Italy we should call it a ‘burned’ coffee.
To my taste it should be more like this:

But too big bubbles to be a good coffee ,it should be more creamed.

yes looks burned, …he used cycles with the wrong pressure;)

nice renders!
would love to see some procedural crema

Yes the bubbles is an image :slight_smile:

Wohoo… probably… :slight_smile:

I took a photo of a fresh made espresso and UV mapped that crema instead of the first picture which actually looks more like plain coffee.
So… old cup (coffee) on the left and new espresso cup on the right.
I tweaked the plates a little and made a few beans to the scene as well.

The right one tasted very nice by the way, “Caffè Vergnano Gran Aroma” from Italy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmhh, it smells up to here!

Excellent coffee.

Coffee beans looked dried and old; not quite right imo, but okay. Light reflection on the spoons looks a little odd, especially at the top of the handle.

Aha, very good, I was going to ask how you did the crema but you answered my question. Nice job.

Thanks for your kind critique!

Here is the latest update of the scene.

  • Changed the spoons
  • Made a receipt making it look like from some café
  • Changed the shrinkwraped cup logos to pure UV-maped logos with alpha making them look more printed directly to the cups with reflections and all.
  • Used a tiny DOF to get the right feel.

Blender and Cycles are amazing :yes:

Click for bigger image!

i almost want that as my wallpaper, but im more a tea drinker than coffee :wink:

3 €uri for an expresso ?! :eek:

Nice work Jakerlund!


Thanks… seriously i have no idea what prices are correct these days, i just made up a receipt. Maybe it’s a fancier café :slight_smile:

Thanks, i probably drink more tea than coffee, i always love good tea but also love a really good cup of coffee.

This project started with me trying to make a nice espresso cup with the right ear and plate.
I looked at my own cups, plates and real beans and ended up making a real life scene for the whole thing.

I’m kind of a lazy noob Blenderhead… :o
I started with 3D and blender aug 2010 but rarely make anything… i just read the forums and study things and once each 3 months i actually produce something just to try things.

Now with Cycles getting more mature and the beta 3 of Yafaray making things more available and hopefully my new soon to come Mac Pro with 2 x 8 core Xeon and 64 GB ram i’m looking happily towards Blender future. :yes:

Best of all… Blender and Cycles already makes renders look so great, just imagine what cycles will be able to produce when it’s more optimized and perfected.


aha, especially first thing in the morning, a cup of tea and a smoke is just whats needed xD
wow, this is very good for someone who doesnt do much blending :slight_smile: well done, i cant wait to see how cycles will perform once its optimized for speed and openCL compatible :slight_smile: