Essay for 5k!

Ok so [email protected] is putting out a contest for the best biography of a Canadian person who affected the Canadian society in the year of 2004 (details here
And I was planning to write an entry to this since my English teacher said I have a danm good chance with my writing ‘skills’ but of course there is always a delema and my delema is that I can’t seem to find someone who did something in 2004 who affected Canadian society and believe me I’ve done lots of google searches.
So i’m asking any of you people out there with any ideas for me on who to write about please post.
Btw the first prize is 5000$ and second prize is 2500$

You could do Paul Martin, our prime minister. There was an election this year, and he got elected…


One of the leaders in the NHL players’ union must be Canadian. The NHL lockout will have more effect on our society this year than anything else I can think of. Imagine all the extra babies that will be born. Attendance at other sporting and entertainment venues will go up. Guys will finish their basements and profits for building material suppliers will increase as a result. Television networks have a lot of big time-slots to fill. Fortunes will be won and lost.

I would find some local person, not a big name.

Find a single-mom working extra jobs and making sure her kids learn good values and get an education to be able to contribute.

Anyone can pick a famous person or known politician, but the real strength of a society is the indviduals that aren’t famous, wealthy, or recognized and still do the right thing.

She affected society in 2004 because she DIDN’T abandon her children, because she DIDN’T abuse them, because her children DIDN’T commit any crimes, because her children DIDN’T cause problems in school. That may seem like a small impact to Canadian society in 2004, but it is an impact that will continue and grow each year. We won’t hear about the impact this year, but in 30 years, a Nobel prize winner, Prime Minister, or social leader will say, “I’m here today because of the example set by XXX when I was a child”.

That will be different than most of the essays and should give you a chance to stand out. Good luck.

What about theeth? The most famous canadian I know beside Terrance & Phillip :wink:


Hopefully that also makes me the best canadian you know ;).


I can’t do anyone that will affect the world 30 years from now the rules are simple, write a biography on a Canadian who affected the Canadian society in 2004. It was actually my first thought to do something like blenderanim said…
Dangit I need someone to write about I really could do with an extra 5000. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: