"Essential Blender" - SHIPPED!

For those of you eager to make sure that you get the Foundation’s next book before the first printing sells out ;), it is now available for pre-order at the Blender e-shop. Sure, you could wait until it’s available from Amazon.com or your local big box book seller, but buying directly from the e-shop costs less and helps the Foundation more.

“Essential Blender” will get you working with modeling, materials and texturing, lighting, particle systems, several kinds of animation, and rendering. In addition, there are chapters on the new mesh sculpting tools and the brilliant compositor. For users familiar with other 3D packages, there are separate indices that reference topics using your application’s terminology.

There really is something for everyone in this book: new to 3D, new to Blender, and even for old Blender loyalist from the NaN days.

Blender e-Shop link:

I have already ordered one in the morning :slight_smile:

Hereby I would like to thank you harkyman for hard work that you and others have done to produce such a book. Mainly I appreciate that it tries to cover also new features (such as walkcycles, compositing or sculpting). Thank you very much.

Is there going to be at least a brief section on the game engine? I’d hate to see all the hard work the dev’s have done in that area go unrepresented. Plus it would give people a “taste” that might lead them to investing more time in it.

From the list in the Blender shop, it really looks great, and I’ll be very excited to read it.

Is this the new blender 2.4 guide that we have so been anticipating?-

how much is that in US$$ and do you ship to US:p

Looks like roughly 40 US dollars by the latest conversion.

zanos: You can switch the currency near the top-right of the Blender e-shop page. (It’s $34.51 USD.)

Looks great! Congratulations, harkyman, and thanks.

Thanks guys

Will purchase with my next paycheck.

With these 2 new books in my hot little hands surely I will finally get it…won’t I?



I’m not sure what you don’t get, but anyone who’s lost in Blender will almost certainly find their way home with this book.

Hooray! I’ll hopefully order it tonight. It’s only 34.51? I didn’t notice
the currency selector at the top so I manually converted it on a different
site and it said 56.00. dies of excitement :smiley:

And when you say it talks about particles, do you mean the new system
that was made by Jahka or the old one?

So is Essential Blender the new Blender 2.4 book that was supposed to come out in Early of 2007?

Sergeant_Oreo: Unfortunately, it is the present system. The new one will not be available at the time of the book, and we prefer to keep it to official builds. I was glad when I saw the US price, too! I knew that a straight Euro->USD conversion would make it very expensive.

Company2: I didn’t know there was ever a promised “2.4” guide, but this is indeed the book the Foundation and I have been working on since last October.

Just ordered the 2.3 Guide and the new Essentials. Look forward to them! Oh, and OUCH, the shipping was almost $30, bringing the total to over $80-- but I’m sure it’ll be worth it! :slight_smile:

This is what I was talking about


Hey, Roland, what does this mean?
* Up to date with (upcoming) 2.44 Blender

Company2: Right. That’s the book. But I don’t want people reading “it’s the 2.4 book” and thinking that it parallels the 2.3 Guide, as it’s not a comprehensive academic reference.

My dad’s ordering the book tonight! :cool:

Can I quote you on that?
Ooops - I just did. :eyebrowlift2: