Essential Blender Text Editor Add-ons

Haven’t done it before, but I know the gist of it and will get around to it eventually. I’m modifying / adding about 50 lines in 5 files, so first I’d like to first make sure it doesn’t cause conflicts to the existing operators.

Oh, please, yes :slight_smile:

Add-on Template Generator UI updated:



MacKraken’s Class Viewer Add-on updated to 2.80:

If you feel up for some bug hunting, I’ve spend the last hour on the first steps of updating that add-on to 2.80. So far I’ve changed all the Enum/Bool etc. Properties from ‘=’ to ‘:’.

Which leaves us with the following errors:

You can download the changes here:

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thks for your answer about ctrl c…hope will be integrated in blender. I will see this script. I have a big trouble sometime when pasting some text from an other editor and having indentation serial errors…no way to see what is happening and forced to solve into pycharm. difficult to describe but very uncomfortable.
ideas shared here has an impact on blender dev?

That indentation bug is reported here: and here:

The Code Editor add-on above will show you indentation guides and whitespace markers.

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devs are telling I can’t reproduce. is this a bad joke? they are even not using text editor. if not they would see this a long long time ago… really a shame. dev but not testers. how could you pretend to dev things well then. grrrr

This is pretty awesome. Thank you very much for beginning to port the code autocomplete addon to 2.8 :slight_smile:

I loved this addon in 2.79, it was awesome but had to stop using it 7 months ago to learn Blender 2.8 and also the old auto complete addon has had no further development from author in a very long time.

All of your other text editor addons are also fantastic, thank you for writing them. Awesome stuff in this thread which is now my favorite.

Thank you. Unfortunately I’m stuck with updating autocomplete, so if anyone here want to take a look, it would be much appreciated. The showstopper for me is registering classes from 38 external modules.

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I just saw this I think it can be useful for a lot of things
like get back to previous selection after a Ctrl Z. I watched a little bit what you did it’s quite difficult code for me but I will follow this. to see I can learn more and help later. I’ve just seen your comment…so you know

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Iceythe/kaio is doing so much wonderful work with the Text Editor add-ons and now he’s submitting great patches. So let’s give them some supportive tokens so they won’t disappear among all the other patches:


I did and I do it for the second link…my english being average I even didn’t know what token was for untill now.

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Got something else I’m working on. @tin2tin you mentioned this earlier to me, I was in fact already considering it.

The graphical side of things is done. Read Campbell’s notes about the previous attempt to make a horizontal scroll bar. It had the downside of looping through the text on every redraw just to find the max column width. Currently looking at ways implementing this in the existing draw cache to minimize the footprint.

Also fixing some small related ui things while I’m at it.


Wow you’re a C wizard too! Let me know if you need a tester, just send me a .diff.

If anyone here wants to test all of your Text Editor wonders, maybe I could share a build here(for Windows)?

i don’t know if i’m worthy and if this is really showing love to the blender editor but here’s what i made tonight

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Great new and much needed operators for the Text Editor by Kaio aka. Iceythe:

They are now included in the latest beta builds of Blender.


Looking at the new File Browser area with a two line header:

I wonder if it is possible to do something like this with the Find and Replace functions in the Text Editor aka. adding a header region with room for two lines, like this?

And Find alone should be only one line:

Personally, I think it’s annoying to have to have the sidebar open for Find & Replace, because it takes up too much horizontal space and once did this suggestion for the footer:

But it was criticized for too little horizontal space for the search boxes, and the adding buttons in the footer would break consistency, hence my interest in doing it in a two line header.


I would like to try this but there are so many download links in this thread. What is a good link to get the most recent version of this?