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Thank you very much for creating this!
Do you think it’s possible to have IN - OUT STR (subtitle code timing) to be read from a text file inside blender to be displayed in the viewport similar to what happens when TEXT is displayed from the native screen capture keys addon in Blender?

Currently I am using MARKERS to know in the timeline, when the next change in text will happen. But I was wondering if this is something to possible make as a new plugin?
I can detail more if you let me know if this is something you may be able to do, please?

If you’re after an add-on to convert subtitles to overlay text in the 3d view, you should consult the list of VSE add-ons(the screenwriter add-on converts dialogue formatted text to VSE subtitles): Video Sequence Editor - News & Add-ons or do a search on GitHub.

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Yes I saw it. I know VSE is covering that pretty neatly. Unfortunately, I work with Grease Pencil and there is no way to adjust the duration of the animation and the text dynamically in the same context except for the 3d viewport.

I was encouraged to post this here. I was going to wait until *insert more, better, bigger features*, but the core functionality is working, and it’s useful, so here goes:

It’s basically an automation of the tedious task of manually reloading the addon through User Preferences.


Thank you @Karmaral I don’t know how I could live without your add-on before. :slight_smile:

Hey that’s great! I’ll check it as soon as I can, we can do a merge if you want :slight_smile:

After some time getting used to it, I started feeling it’d be even lazier if it just auto reloaded when I’d save the file. Is that what your addon does?

EDIT: I like what you patched, it makes sense. I wouldn’t have it in the blender logo menu though. Having the options in the Text menu is a bit redundant as is. I think with it being there is enough. As for the quick-favourites, you don’t need menus, you can right-click the operator button in the panel and it works just the same.

I also spotted a wrong operator call in my version, it seems I forgot to change the name when I was removing it from the other bundle.

Anyways, if you don’t mind, we can merge the changes and I’d like to prettify it a bit more. I’m really nitpicky with final polishing.

I’m glad it’s useful. The peak that lead to this was when I started doing my reloading by quickly pressing enter on the buttons so I would click less and do it faster :laughing: I was just too committed at that point, lol

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Fantastic thread! Thanks for putting this collection together, there are some gems here I’ve been dreaming about since forever.

A tip for people installing Codestyle:
You can skip part of the Github instructions because upon enabling this add-on it’ll try to install the pycodestyle package anyway. It won’t check if pip is upgraded though, so you may sneak a line in the code to do this beforehand.

Another catch is that for some reason in my PC pycodestyle was being installed in a path Blender doesn’t look at (Roaming\(...)\Scripts), so I kept get warnings the module wasn’t installed. Either point the script the right way, add the path to the path list or copy the folder to Blender’s python folder to fix it.

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Can you submit a patch?

Call me an idiot but in my eagerness to try the add-on I didn’t realize you’re the author! Thank you for creating this one, I love it.

Sure, I just submitted a patch. I’m new to collaborating on GitHub. I hope I did it correctly.

In the end I let the script install pycodestyle in a non-default dir because it only failed to find it when the package was installed manually. When Blender itself installs the package it’ll also be able to find it.

And the patch may have not been coded elegantly; there’s a catch about Blender having to be executed as Admin to avoid writing privilege issues when installing pycodestyle. I’m too newbie to know how to get around the limitation through coding alone and I don’t know how to stop an add-on installation without using conditionals so a custom error message doesn’t drown in other error messages.

Anyway, also in this patch:

  • Indentation fix for four lines in the register/unregister functions. bpy.types.Scene.codestyle was inside the classes loop, raising an error when unregistering the add-on for trying to delete the same thing twice.

  • Removed the context requirement for TEXT_OT_codestyle_button. It required an active object to enable the check button for some reason and oh boy, how that grayed out button confused me when I tested the installation patch in a new instance of Blender. :rofl:

  • Removed print(bpy.context.space_data.text.filepath) from the draw function in TEXT_PT_show_codestyle, as it did cause the add-on to spit stuff in the console like crazy.

  • According to the Style Guide long lines are one of the acceptable exceptions to the official guidelines, so I added it to the ignore list.

Blender console behaviour improved.
you can edit the text anywhere you click in the line and the cursor follows,
Ctrl X,
Suppr, BackSpace (by selection too),
Ctrl A to select whole line

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Is everything ok?

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I created this too

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Ah, nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Maybe text translation could be useful in the text editor too:

Hi I did a mix of several things

Addon Installer|Script Runner (BlenderAddon)

Install/reload addon or Run script from File (using only 1 fonction)

Install/reload addon from Text editor

this is creating a quick favorite for text editor (and checking if no duplicate)


Committed. Congrats to Daniel:

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A pip coder asks for feedback:

I did an important update. don’t hesitate to comment