ESSHLO ? need your help !

Would you please email me a copy of your LightFlow export script ?

I tried to downloaded it but I guess your site is down :frowning:

Sorry for the incoveniences, I would really appreaciate your help.

Thanx a lot.

email: [email protected]

It seems everything that was still in my geocities directory is deleted…
(all theeth’s fault !!!)
I still have to update my stormpages site, I’ll get back here when that is done…

Oops, sorry for you !

OK, theeth, you’re gonna die ! :slight_smile:


Damn, since when did geocities changed their policies for high traffic? Before it only blocked the access for a while, now it deletes files… damn


Theeth, you know I have room for you on my server for backup. I don’t think my limited bandwidth can withstand me hosting you and eeshlo’s stuff there for everyone, but if you ever need an online backup, I can provide that for the two of you.

I can lock the directories you two will own from viewing by anyone except you and eeshlo so that not even I could watch the content (if you would leave stuff like sources or whatever, something which you should burn weekly on a cd btw)

Just drop me a line if you’d need it.


Do you still need the Export script? I can send it to you if you don’t have it yet.

Thank you, MrMunkily already emailed to me last night. :slight_smile:

You’re very kind.