Estimated price of a render per renderfarm?


See if you can help me with a question I have.

What price I could get an animated render of about 30 seconds, with a scenario and a 3D character, with realistic textures and as realistic as possible. With a resolution of 1920x1080, with a quality similar to the following video:

I know that without giving more specific data it is difficult, but more or less if someone could give me an estimated price.


I’m not familiar with all the available renderfarms, but I do use Render Street quite a lot:

For $50/month you should be able to render all that you can in that time frame. Normally I do stills and pay per render, but for animation I would go with the $50 option and try to get it all done within one month.

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Thank you very much!

You can always try things out yourself. Just register to a farm (most give free credits for testing) and render some frames, this should give you an idea about final price (just do the math and multiply average frame cost by the number of frames) Just look for farms that support blender. I’ve tried Worked for me.