Estonian bagpipe

I’m making the Estonian (my country) version of my favourite instrument the bagpipe. I started doing it out of nothing so I just modelled the bagpipe. But now I don’t know what scene to make :(?

I also did this:

I think I can still use the chair. Any ideas for the scene?

Very nice.

Though I’ve never heard of an estonian version of the bagpipes.
Või mis? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohoo eestlane! (sorry for non-english)

Well I can’t actually say version. There’s this type of instrument called the bagpipe(s) which is different everywhere. Even Scots, the most famous bagpipers, have many-many different bagpipes. Estonians have their own bagpipe which is called torupill (it’s also the generic name for bagpipe).

Maybe you’re too young to know, but Estonia is pretty favous for it’s bagpipes i.e., “torupill”.

Nice work btw. Jätka samas vaimus. :smiley:

Lol the wikipedia article was written by me :D. I mostly copied the text (the link is on the bottom) but still :D.

I did another try for the scene. Don’t mind the texture of the floor.

I think I’ll go with this. I now have to start texturing it :(. I’m really bad at it but I’ll try.

Where could I get a nice texture for the floor? Does anyone have suggestions for the chair material? I can’t leave it as it is.

you could try the wood workshop for the floor - it’s free:
anyway it’s looking good
hästi tehtud :slight_smile:

System Requirements Operating System Windows 2000/XP”

Sorry, not good for me. I’m using Linux.

Hi Commodore!

The second ‘photo’ has a nice feeling to it.

Have you tried using WINE to run XP programs on linux? I downloaded the proggy, I will test it later. Terveisiä naapurista!

Thanks pikseli. I don’t like non-native programs. I think I’ll just take a photo of my floor and tweak it in GIMP.

The only non-open-source piece of software I use in making these images is the Nvidia graphics driver.

I’ve made some wood textures with Wood Workshop. It is slooow. I can just imagine how it would perform run through an emulator. Anyway, if you find these useful, feel free to download them.

Well actually Wine is not an emulator. An emulator is needed when you want to run an application compiled for another processor architecture (I’m using AMD so no problem). Wine is an implementation of the Win32 API, it means that it adds the Windows’ tools for programming GUI’s to Linux. The problem is that Microsoft doesn’t tell how the Win32 API works so it’s very hard to make Wine.

You might try this site:

BTW, the window is probably going to be the first thing people look at in your picture (brightest area), so you might want to grab an outdoor picture that fits the camera angle and increase the brightness+contrast so you have some faint detail in that area instead of burnt out white.

Nice work. :slight_smile:

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Well, I couldn’t get wine to install the wood workshop properly. Go figure.

w00t commodore is alive O_O

What do you mean by alive :D? I don’t do 3d very often so I don’t come to this forum that often either if you mean that.

Or do you mean the old Commodore computers? I have never owned one. I got my name after Holden Commodore, an Australian car.

I did a wall texture (in Inkscape) and also got a new texture for the floor. I tried to make DOF but I only found one tutorial with that new zbuffer technique and I didn’t like it so I did it manually in GIMP.

Does anyone have ideas on what else I could put on the floor?

nah i meant the first one

Does anyone have ideas on what else I could put on the floor or anywhere else?