Estonian WW1 Aircraft turntables

So me and a few others have made 10 aircrafts for a museum exposition. They’re not dead-exact, but pretty damn close. Rendering style might be more artificial than real. Anyway the point was to give a sense of what they were really like so here they are

Very interesting project! I think that this Bulldog model is the best of the presented works, although it would be even better, if you would add on its normal map the ribs protruding from its fabric-covered wings…
In the presented collection I have discovered an interesting design, unknown for me so far: Aviotehase PN-3. I “googled” for it a little, and have learned that it was a trainer, used by Estonian Air Force during the years 1939-40. It was intended to be a trainer for the pilots avaiting for the Spitfires, ordered by Estonia in Great Britain? Could you direct me to a site where I can find more technical details about this machine? How many airplanes were built? What engine was used in it? What about its performance? When it was designed? The first flight of the prototype?

Great model. It could, however, use some motion blur or something on the prop. As for Witold, you are too concerned with the technicaal aspect. =P

Nice plane! only thing I would say(just as GraphiX has said) is that you should add some motion blur, to make it look more realistic.Great Job! keep it up! :slight_smile:

Haha, a moving propeller is one thing, a pilot is another :smiley: time restrictions i’m afraid, just took the safe route.

As for all the technical information - what you presented so far i know to be true, but that’s it i’m afraid. There are people who know more, but i can’t diaturb their busy schedules right now (they are building a real replica of one of the planes. There’s information in books i don’t have. Sorry :slight_smile:

Why would you have motionblur on a turntable, seems rather silly.

Well done kriv those are some great models. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to have motion blur on a model turntable.
The point is to show off the model, having propeller moving will blur it and every thing behind the propeller

So me and a few others
just in case some one missed that line, it was a team effort to model all of them :wink:


Plane model looks good but background is’t. I suggest to add a hdri image for more reality. How long have you done it?

we meant motion blur on the picture(not the turntable) interesting project!

Thanks for all the good words and critics :slight_smile:

background: that’s probably the best background for these planes, as the panorama is taken from near their base. We just don’t have a HDRi of this place.
Motion blur on the background sounds like a good idea, didn’t think of that. Oh well :slight_smile:

time: Well it took many months on/off working with other stuff at the same time. Can’t really say any more accurately.

As for motion blur on the plane itself: I would love some of it on the propeller and I would also love a pilot in each plane. Also a machine-gun and gunner, then some other details would be lovely etc etc… just isn’t happening :slight_smile: Museum is opening soon.

I actually have to re-render some of them due to mistakes I’ve made, pointed out by a sharp eye from the client side. Thank jebus for Blender and it’s amazing community!!