et-like model - first 3d character

im doing a character in between my 747 to break it up.

its kinda like et.
just started 30mins work:

i know the head is messy i need to tidy it…after i finish modelling…although a recalc normals should do!

ps. its his head! and nech your lookin at!

It kinda looks like a screw…

head…? i dont get it. sorry :frowning:


u will in a sec!

quick update a bit easier to see now!:slight_smile:

doing the eyes and nose now!

also this is my ref i made… but its been badly resized to fit on the forum…mine is 3340x1784!

quick another:

wot u think?


wot do u think?:slight_smile:

You seem to have some nasty stretching up at the top of the head. I’d clean up your mesh and reduce the vert count where it’s not needed.

fixin it here it is…

he has a new nose and im gonna add a brain in the space!

im likin this stuff its more fun!:slight_smile:

lol. atleast its looking similar to a head now that its got a nose and eyes and the like… but that is one weird ass alien u got there.:stuck_out_tongue:

ill take that as a compliment…lol:)

im gonna work on it 2night after karate!
heres a quick update:

wot do u think

comments please!

(working on a bump map for brain and slimy texture!):eek:

Pretty cool. It looks like a head now…
but unless you meant for the brain to be round-ish,
you may wanna fix that up.

But otherwise, great job

anyone seen mojojojo?

i want his brain to be round like his here is a bad ref:

he also has a cover:

and soon some updates!

heres another!

i added a tongue fixed his mouth and am texturing eyes at the moment…

i feel an anim coming on!

here he is:

please comment on this one, please i have been waiting 5 hours on the last and still didnt get one!

Well, it’s unique…
One suggestion: don’t beg too much for comments and don’t whine if you don’t get comments.
If you are doing this for the comments you’ll receive, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. No-one has to comment on your wip. Noone has to like your work either. If you like it, then go with it.

people will comment when they are ready to, just keep blending, ask for help if you need it, the comments will come.

thx…it just i was…

feeling lonely:(

all that blenderin and no comments…

anyway that aside workin on eyes!

he has some nice shiny new eyes(still to be perfected!)

and a lovely green slimy colour(needs texture though)


do you like him?

new with two eyes!

wot do you think?

and for those who want lots of info!

my screen!

and the background i will put him on…

any comments?

also… is 41,000 verts ok, or too little or too much?

(considering i hav a whole model still to do)

will a 1.34 amd athlon, 512 ram, 128 ati radeon 8500le be able to handle it?