Eta on Orge and new rendering engine for GE ?

I recall someone talking about Orge was being built into a special fork of Blender GE. Anyone know the ststus of that ?

Never heard of “Orge”, there is the Ogre project however, and that is currently in development.

I think the primary release could be with the next blender version, but that’s just a guess.

Does anyone know when that’s gonna be? I’m really looking forward to it.

Mhh, I have not seen anything relating to it in cvs messages yet. Just new Bullet and random stuff… No Orge3d work…

You wouldn’t happen to be dyslexic, would you?

Ogre Orge What ever ! the teh It’s tha same

Heheh Ogre Orgy… Sorry.

primary release could be with the next blender version
no snail has said that he does not think he will be able to have it done by the next blender release.
anything that would be an update on progress would be here:

hmm… I thought of something… you always say we shouldn’t use the new cool shadows because it will kill our cpus and their mothers… but will we be able to turn shadows off for some things and others not? like we do with dynamic… It would be nice to just have shadows on the main char and something but to textur shadows on the static things.

Err eh? We need as much detail as we can muster. run it in layers if needed, we need the Full scope of Shader tech out there. Cards already have Pixel shader 3 and all sorts of lighting… … :eek:

Yea, but not everyone has those cards yet. Actually I think the majority on average owns something along the lines of a Nvidia 6 series card, which supports a decent shader and normal maps. Personally, I think thats more than enough for any BGE user to work with.

Also it’s not just about the card anymore. Most of theese new cards use PCI-E instead of AGP slots, so you can’t just upgrade your GPU if your mobo only supports AGP. Not to mention the power supply and cooling requirements for theese new monsters. I mean it’s almost like your buying your computer around the GPU solution, which is just insane.

Nah, it just comes naturally with Mac book pros… It’s like I bought this to do Photoshop and Motion graphics. But other than After effects and Motion I have no use for the card. But I sit and see Games like Gear of war or whatever and I want to use that power of rendering and the kick is, it’s available but no way to use it except just playing games. Which I did not get the comp for.

There is some work on a Ogre3d based Blender Player. Also some direct integration into Blender. This is still early stages.

Bullet will be upgraded soon with framerate independence to make games run smoother in normal more (without 'enable all frames) and some other features.

Sorry, very busy with work at the moment, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

hey Erwin… are we going to able to set the velocity of objects directly with scripting?

yes that would be a nice feature.

It would help to be more specific here.

Setting velocity is not the problem, it’s controlling it.

Basically we need a function that can stop all previous physics effects on any object, and give us full control to apply other forces (without resuming any forces that were present prior to the stop).

“suspend/restoreDynamics()” seems to retain “memory” of forces applied, so it can’t help me do things like stop a dynamic object dead in it’s tracks. Messing with counterforce never get’s good results either, in that department.

I don’t know if that’s what you were talking about kirado, but that is the only problem I have with it.

yup in a nutshel that was exactly what I was talking about Social… I asked Erwin on his other site… and he said he was planning on including that fucntionality with next release…:smiley:

Well, I got a Geforce 7600 GT this summer which is much quieter than my last card (because it’s a silent pipe fanless version :D), and on the whole my pc is very quiet and pretty cool (temperature wise, I mean). Nothing insane about it if you put a bit thought into the system.

It’s not about “the sound”, it’s the power requirements. GPUs really know how to suck down watts, especially the new ones.

Also, the temperature issue is in reference to usage. Playing Oblivion with AA and HDR with other settings on max, changes the temperature situation very quickly. Then for any more prolonged gameplay you need to look for a better cooling solution.

Yeah thats very true. I built a new system about 8 months ago and run a 7800gtx in there, and that thing sucks down the watts like nothing else. Seriously, during winter if I want to heat up my room all I have to do is play a game, and hey presto, in 30 minutes the whole room is nice and warm. Thats how much heat that thing spits out. It becomes a real problem in summer when I dont want things to get any hotter then they already are, but at the moment thats the price you pay for good looking gameplay I guess.

That said, GPU manufacturers really need to start being a bit more sensible about the power requirements for their cards. Its all well and good that performance has improved that much, but it shouldnt be at the cost of efficent power usage.