Etched Glass Texture

Does anyone have any ideas how this kind of thing could be done? I want to use a grayscale image to convert the lighter areas to the etched portions of a glass texture. Any thoughts would really be appreciated.

got to 3D repository and get some stain glass

Here’s a better image of the effect:

It’s for a script that I’m writing. I’ll post it for others to use if all goes well.

Also, I’m not asking anyone for help with the scripting. I’m just trying to get an idea of how to best handle the texturing.

on suggestion for new text
the model in 3D repository doesn not have much nor effect
it would definitively be nice to have one with a little NOR effect on the texture
would be more realist i guess


Two options as I see it, depending on what you want your render times to belike and how complex you want it to be.

  1. Use the greyscale texture as a stencil to mask out a noise/small cloud texture that affects to the materials norm value, mabye a little aplha as well to make it block some light. Make sure it’s raytraced, and you get something like this.
  2. Use a similar setup with nodes, to mix between two materials, one with a gloss value (under Ray Mirror settings) <1. You get something pretty similar, but with longer render times (hence no render, I got bored waiting) and nicer blurred transmission - better for a snazzy looking render if you can hack the wait. Especially with the samples cranked up on the ray transparency/mirror.
    Anyway, I’m feeling generous, so: blendfile with both solutions