Etching words


So, I’m trying to etch words into on object on a project I am working on. What is the best way to get an imprint of words into something?

The easiest way for me I’ve found is to use an image of the text as a texture in the material texture channels, mapped to an empty named in the object map to, and set to ‘nor’ and not ‘col’, and cranking up the nor slider :slight_smile:

If you want to model it, I’ve found that converting flat text into mesh and then extruding the non manifold edges upward from the normal works, and then using the bridge edge loops and manual face creation to connect to a new face that can be added to a model - but that takes a while to work out. Big thing is to remember to work everything together while still in global space before rotating the whole thing - because scaling the outside faces to 0 in the z axis to flatten the faces down gets weird if I’ve already rotated the mesh :slight_smile:

My .02

alright, I’ll try that. thanks Craigo!