Eternal Servitude (Warhammer 40k fan art)

Greetings, havent been here for a while, but since trying out the 2.8 and getting quite fond of it again, thought to share this attempt here too. :slight_smile:

It is a fan art for Warhammer 40k, a servo-skull. I’ve always thought these, and servitors in general, as one of the most unique and grim aspect of the 40k universe. When one starts to dwell on that, it is rather unsettling.

A bit longer attempt with the new Blender 2.8, decided to try out several aspects. Various materials, sculpting, modifiers and user interface in general.
Pretty much everything is done in blender, generative materials. The text on the scroll is a bitmap, and background, and “rimglow” are put there with Gimp.

Any critique, feedback, comments is highly appreciated :slight_smile:
If interested, a larger version can be found from my deviant art page:

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awesome work !!!

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Thanks, I’m glad you think so! :slight_smile:

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