Eternity Class T.G.A Super Ship

hey everyone, its been a while since i made a new ship…that is about to change…

allow me to introduce the ‘Trans-Dimensional Galactic Annihalator’
or T.G.A for short.
its a little messy and there is still alot of work to do but its going well…
i am quite pleased with the engines but not of the nose, and i still need to add some details, weapons, a fire control tower, a bridge, comm arrays, hangars, life supports, blahblahblah.

C&C appriciated as always!


ok, started to work on the Trans-dimensional Shifters…here is what i have got so far.


so nobody likes this…ok…

i will carry on anway :slight_smile:

i like it…actualy i love it…but i rly have anything to say

is the star in the front/back the trans-dimensional portal? or is the portal part of the t.d. shifter assembly?

i like this better then the others which i like alot. the oly thing i dont really like is the big blocks things on (each?) side. they look cool from the back but they look really obtusive on the front. maybe they could like taper off or somthin.

A spaceship doesn’t have to be aerodynamic so if he’s going with the realistic aspect, then those look fine and make sense because they need storage aboard the ship :slight_smile:

If realism was a rule in blender/sci-fi, pigs could fly and fish could eat them. For example, why are the bridges of Star Trek ships so exposed when the crew just use computer screens? But anyway, if your looking for a nose that looks agressive, I would go with the Battlestar Galactica style nose (big huge top piece with a small bit underneath). It was the only nose design that seemed to look right on the second ship I made.


awesome. but how does it turn? if a ship cant turn it cant fly so… and it doesn’t have to be realistic, but humans can only handle things to a certain degree of realit.and it could use a tad more logicality (if thats a word). but it looks really cool. :smiley:

hawk out :cool:

yea, the things at the side are extra cargo space, extra engines and are home to the dimensional shifters, which can phase the ship out of the 3rd dimension for 1000000th of a second, and during that time they have infinite speed, density and are indestructable.

Bump! :smiley:

awesome. but how does it turn?

if you look real close you can see loads of little side thrusters for turning, actually, will render you a close up…

The central part of the ship looks nicely detailed, but… The engine rings… or whatever… seem to be just rings with each face extruded… it makes it look bit cheap imho… Nevertheless very intresting looking model, but has some “lazy extrudes” on it… Though i admit i sometimes “fall” into that… But it should be avoided when possible.