Eternity's Edge | BGMC 23 Entry | WIP Thread

The honorary progress thread for my BGMC 24 entry, Eternity’s Edge (Working Title). Time until the start of the contest right now: 1(hr):38:20. Currently starting story plans and design strategy until the contest begins.

Day 1 Progress:
Finally came up with low-ish poly procedural environment model that works well after much trial and error – a majority of the visuals and mood = done! My plan for day one was to get about this far. A few hours past my goal, but it should still keep me on track.

(uncompressed file size: 21.9m)

  • Tomorrow’s agenda: Work on some of the finer elements of the environment and to add a majority of the interactive elements.

Day 2 Progress:
More work on the environment, started on some of the mechanics and made sure I was able to export my game correctly

-Tomorrow’s Agenda: Character & game mechanics

Day 3 Progress:
Made the player mesh, rig, and animations, as well as some other objects. Started work on the mechanics in early in the day, and started to fine tune some of them towards the end of the night.

-Tomorrow’s agenda: Add/Paint texture for the models from the previous day and continue working on the mechanics and animations where needed.

Day 4 Progress:
- Made textures for the player, bicycle, and a few other assets in

  • Added more player animations,
  • Added logic bricks for interactive assets
  • Fixed environment meshes that were difficult to navigate.
  • Added a flashlight, player swap, respawn, and other essential mechanics
  • Began work on story line specific assets

-Tomorrow: HUD, Menus, Pause, and the like…

Day 5 & 6 Progress:
- Improved some existing assets and added new assets

  • Spent some time optimizing to get back to 60fps on my mediocre computer
  • Exported a test game runtime played fine on the main computer but ran into any issue on another computer (no materials showed up even though the files were packed and relative- strange). So I still need to tackle this problem
  • Added an Intro Scene, Main Menu, and Loading Scene
  • Began working on objective logic
  • Decreased image folder size from 20M to 9M
  • Cleaned up some unnecessary/ unused logic bricks
  • Watched RedFrost and ThaTimst3r vids to help with some of the stuff I had forgotten :slight_smile:

Final Day Agenda:

  • Add all sounds and music

  • Finalize the objectives

  • Finish the pause enabled menu

  • Hopefully figure out to have my materials show up in the exported app

  • More optimizing where it is possible

  • Anything else that needs to be done before the final export.

  • A. Pilcher

My kind of thinking music. Zack Hemsey for the next hour:
Zack Hemsey - “The Way”

Lesson’s From the Nomad

Don’t get in my way

The Runner

A few of the best
Time til: 50Minutes

If you want some copyright free music you could check out Kevin McCloud. He does music for all sorts of uses, free to download and use in your projects. I think his website is call

Also the youtube audio library (which has lots more) and
More resources are here:

Thanks, I’ll check out his music. I have some short looped tracks I’m thinking of using for this project to keep the file size down, but if I can afford it near the end I might consider one of his.

Thanks Timst3r, I’ll go through them soon. Awesome resource thread! I’ll definitely need to review some topics before the end of the week.

Two screenshots from the first 24 hour’s progress. Trying to get a humid, post apocalyptic feel for the environment.

Hi, it looks great, but I think it needs more contrast.
Here’s a good talk about how emphasizing the difference between light and dark can make a huge improvement to our games:

Essentially, where there’s too much dark or too much light, or too much midtone, or too much small scale, fussy detail it can make it difficult for the human eye to read the scene.

Ah, I see what you mean. I’ll work on some adjustment at some point today. Thanks for sharing, this is a really useful talk.

Today, after adjusting the color scheme to look a little nicer, I spent some time making sure I knew how to properly export my game. Made some decent progress after that as well.

Screenshot of the new atmosphere with a faux particle system:

Yes, I think it’s got much better definition between ground, foreground and background objects now.
Looks lighter on my phone too.

I did lighten the background a lot. Also increased the contrast in the ground and gave the greenery more life.

Much better improvement! The fog adds a nice atmosphere to it and the particles look give a sense of depth :slight_smile:

look almost underwater, though their is a giveaway that it could last as a very polluted atmosphere aswell…

good work like the screenshots. :cool:


Sneak peaks

Finally have all of the player mechanics done.

cool your character rides a bike… that’s neat idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should definitely work on some optimization.

Thanks @Hanzo :slight_smile: Revisiting some childhood memories with this project. I also did my best to preserve some real world bike physics.

@Nicholos_A, I definitely will. Might have to watch yours and Timst3r optimization videos again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I was going to mention the fps dip. I think I know what the problem is, I just haven’t spent the time to find it yet. I believe one object’s logic consistently adds new objects, I’m thinking I just forgot to add an end object brick or it got unchecked. When I remove that layer it goes back to 60fps and stays around there, so I’ve sort of narrowed it down. It hasn’t been detrimental to my workflow yet, so I didn’t decide to tackle it yet, but I’ll figure it out today.

Used some game assets to render this little scene for the title image.