Eternity's Edge | BGMC 23 Entry | WIP Thread

It’s going to be an intense 26 hours- still have a lot I want to get done. I tried exporting my game yesterday, everything worked fine, but on another computer, none of the materials showed up (Images were packed and in a relative folder). Would anyone be able to help me with this? I’d really like to have my game in its own working application if it’s possible.

It depends which export method you used… usually if textures are packed there should be no problem though. It doesn’t matter where the folder is, blender makes a local copy of each file and keeps it inside the blend.

The last time I used the save as runtime addon. Now, I just exported through the publishing add-on in the properties panel, and the same thing happened. So, I’m thinking I may be overlooking something blatantly obvious not related to exporting at all. The strange thing is that the image textures in my HUD scene seem to be working fine. I also made sure I was in material mode on all of my scenes before I exported each time. I’ll double check to see if all of my world settings are universal, but in the meantime is there anything else I should be checking?

It still works fine on my laptop, but not on the other one I’m testing it on (an almost identical machine).
*Red box in the picture is an image texture from my HUD scene.

So, every scene except my main game scene is displaying images… Closer to figuring out what the problem is, just really not understanding why it’s only on nonlocal computers- all of the necessary files are packed.

Still couldn’t completely solve the issue. I’ll have to submit just the blend file and then maybe upload the stand alone application after the contest ends.

Wow Graphics look Amazing bro how did you do that ? !!!
Are they any Filters ? i wish you all the best for your game man.


No filters. Just some mist, particles, and careful coloring of the environment :slight_smile: