Ethel? Ethel! Get your CLOTHES on! ...

(Umm, sorry guys, this ain’t no picture of Ethel.) :frowning:

Rather, it’s a request for URLs and so-on about building clothes and clothing characters in Blender. Including the standard UV-painting techniques, how to unwrap things and how to wrap them onto figures.

Sonix made a nice cloth tute here.

That tut looks real effective for making cloth, I wonder if it will be updated for 2.34 :slight_smile:

what is there to be changed for 2.34?

Actually more than “cloth” I was simply looking for a good run-down on UV mapping. Painted-on clothes. 8)

As Fonix said, there should be no need for an update to 2.34. The same methods will still work.


GREAT TUT - nice cloth :stuck_out_tongue:

hey you used my PET modelling method! I always wondered if anyone other than me actually used it for anything. :stuck_out_tongue:
<edit> oh,…also, I should mention, there is yet another cloth making method described in my modelling thread. It’s somewhere near the back.

Hehe… use your PET all the time. Sometimes I abuse it too!


PET what PET, I’ve never heard of a PET method? I tried looking through your modeling thread, Modron, but I can’t find the PET thing.

My cloth tute follows old Blender principles from 2.3 and before, for making landscapes using Noise function.


not in my modelling thread. I made a thread a long time ago regarding using groups of unattached vertices as a ‘tool’. I had assumed you picked up the idea there but perhaps I was mistaken. The cloth method from my modelling thread also uses pet, but without the extra vertices.
<edit> checkit out here’s some illustrative pics from the thread

Now I remember. Using proportional editing to control a mesh using another.

You mean the part for scaling the centre of the cloth. Old technique again mate, before I started with Blender. You’re tutes rock though, for full on explanations and further principles.