Ether truck

I think it is ready for now…
By the way, it is my first car ever :slight_smile:


nice work!

you shloud turn on some lights with a small glow effect :stuck_out_tongue: could look great.

looks great :smiley:

Very nice model. The details and materials are very well done. My only comment would be that for an industrial vehicle, I would imagine the sides of the tires might have more detail in terms of treads or a pattern.

This is great work and if you want to work on other projects then disregard this, but one thing that popped into my mind is that this model could be really cool and look really interesting if you tried to go for a beat-up, heavily used version. It would be interesting to see how scratches, dirt and maybe dents add to or change the image of the model.

I thought about it too, maybe I will make the other version too :slight_smile: