Ethereal Discovery announces new RPG Project

Hey all. I’ve just got word that Ethereal Discovery ( For those of you who don’t know, they’re simply a small game studio) is developing an RPG, utilizing a battle system in blender. From the video I’ve seen, it’s very good, (for how early it is in development). The Director emphasizes how he wants to sculpt the battle system to perfection and spent countless hours doing it. Apparently, it’s the first Blender RPG to actually get somewhere, and that’s evident in the video; no screenshots, actual gameplay! Here’s the link:
(Seems like it was recently uploaded, no thumbnail:rolleyes:. )

Anyway, it looks promising, but the video says it won’t be released until 2012!!! what???
In any case, they can take all the time they need, just get it done!

i’m surprised they havent posted it yet. Should in a couple days, but good work guys!

Just want everyone to know, the game is subject to change. Improvements, drastic improvements, will be made. For those who’ve seen the first diary, you won’t recognize it months from now.

Looks ok, are you part of the team shadowhalo3?

Its looking better than most RPGS, and it seems to have some potential, but they have a lot of work to do before its a decent game.
Might be something to keep and eye on.

Actually, AD-edge, I am. Not completely involved, but, I’m the cinematographer. The video you saw is beta, but the developers were focused alot more on the programming behind the battle system, then the graphics; they come later on. I’d just like for people to understand that. In anycase, I appreciate the comment.

Yeh thats ok, I totally understand, its the smartest way to go :wink: