I just got a new scaner yesterday. (Wohoo!) :slight_smile:
C&C are very welcome.

Thats a really kewl drawing, and grats on new scanner.
-The head is too short.
-The neck is too tall.
-Hips are too skinny. (atleast IMHO)
-Knees need more definition.

I’m going to be redundant with the crit given above, but I’ll try to be more constructive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yes, the head is “too short”, but that’s not the problem. It’s a bit lacking in width as well. You might want to make it longer AND wider, although add more length than you do to width. The cheekbones are positioned at the right place, but you should leave some room for a forehead before the hair. I know the “trend” is to have mad insane bangs, but even those have some definition with respect to the forehead.
It does seem that the neck is a tad bit long, doesn’t it? But if you fix the head and shoulders, don’t worry about the neck. The issue with the shoulders is that they’re too downsloping. They lack definition. You need to add a hint of the protruding bump of the bone - feel around your own neck and shoulder, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Even though in males the protrusion is more defined, in females, it’s still there.
I think her body on the whole is too narrow. Congrats on not falling into the teenage boy dream trap though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I am shocked I actually have to say the opposite of what I usually say – widen her bosom, her waist, and her hips. It’s just too small at the moment. You may even have to lengthen everything from her chest to her legs as well to make it look anatomically correct.
I find it scary that her legs have the potential of getting thinner than her arms. But that factors into the bit I said right above – widen (and lengthen) her entire body, from the chest down :smiley:
Not bad on the shading so far. I wouldn’t call this finished yet, so if you feel like fixing the outline and scanning again, I’d be happy to comment on your shading, etc.

All right, thanks for all your crits. If I have time, I’ll redo what you said to. :smiley:

anyone? :frowning:

Nothing else to say man… get the pic updated and I might have something to say.