Not feeling terribly creative, so I’m ripping off a game character.

A naked ethereal. One of the cast of UFO: Enemy Unknown.

I’m trying to keep it true to the original. But as far as I know there is only one pic of an undressed ethereal in the entire game.

Which is this:

Being such low res (I rescaled it for correct aspect ratio), it leaves a bit up to the imagination, so I’m wondering if anyone can suggest what the two little bits hanging down beneath the cheeks either side of the chin could be. Any ideas?

The best I can come up with is neural extrusions (them being utterly mental bastards and all), but I don’t really like the way it looks as is (makes it look like some second rate star wars creature).

Ideas and general C&C much appreciated.

Head shot:


Looks realy good.
Are you going to modell al nasty things in his stomach too?

hey, nice head model.
It is looking good so far, should look good when it is finished.

Good Luck


I plan to model it with giblets intact, then bury the whole thing inside voluminous, bright orange robes.

You may not be able to see them, but it’s the thought that counts! :wink:

Good start, looks pretty much like the original. I like your modeling, looks neat and clean.

U.F.O is great game, too bad they did mess the concept whit those later games… oh well.

Nice start. Loops seem very circular though. Almost too much?

Maybe cut in some extra loops for some better mesh definition and some wrinkles.


I got no C&C for ya right at the moment.
So… how long did it take you to model that?
What other references are you using?

Just a small update. Started work on the torso and tweaked head a little.

I’m struggling with the abdomen a bit to get an atrophied emaciated look, which is something the reference isn’t much help with.

Thanks for the comments people.


Nice start. Loops seem very circular though. Almost too much?
You mean too smooth, not enough sharp details?

I plan to to detail once I’ve got the base fully roughed out. But detailing is not my strong point, and I’m general pretty clueless about it. But I do intend to try.

Took maybe two, two-and-a-half hours to get to that point. I’m by no means a fast modeller.

As for references, what’s in the opening post is all I’ve got. It’s the only picture I can find of an ethereal from the first game that shows anything at all of its body. I don’t want to use the designs of latter games as they are quite a departure from this and quite a dirty, cheap one at that.

If you’ve know of any other pics I’d be much obliged.