How does everyone feel about this:

a member of your team (making a game) is claiming work done by someone else is their own?

Does this bother you if the other person who made the work is just doing it for fun?

Would you trust any of the work done by the member to be their own after you found this out?

I believe every contibution should be acknowledged per the individual that made it. And no individual should claim anothers work as their own, even if they paid for it!

You are right. What your teammate is doing is known as plagiarism, and it is wrong.

AKA, copyright infringement, if it was released under GPL CC or any other license.

A while ago we even had some moron posting fonts here, that they did not make, and without crediting the authors.

it is just pitiful when people who lack talent take someones work and try to put their name on it.

If I was in charge those people would be banned from this forum. Not just for breaking the law, but just for being an asshole in general.
There is nothing worse than a thief in my book.

What they said;)

Don’t waste much time with this questions. Sometimes is more important to have things done. You know who did the job.

Friendship is more important, don’t loose it. Friends share ideas and ideals isn’t it?

Now its your turn to joke with him: say that you agree and he did everything. He coded Blender, all the scripts, have all ideas alone modeled everything.

In the end all this stuff is collective work.

Everything i know 'bout Blender i learned from the guys inside this forum… so … in the end where is me/myself? It doesn’t matter anymore. :slight_smile:

At the end of some games there are credits. It says stuff like:
Charicture design:
this guy
this guy


Does your game have credits? Or more appropeatly, do you have an orginized work stratagy for delegating responsability between people? Or is it just, do whatever you want. Because if it’s the former, then you would easily be able to watch out for people like that. If it’s the Latter, then you would have a great deal of difficulty even proving that they stole anything.

Hmm, all good answers, and thank you. I hate to be too, ummm grumpy about this. But I dislike it.

We do have a list of almost everything and people sign up to make it. Although one just kinda makes things even if they are made already.

This person is the one who doesnt sign up. I can prove what I saw because this person posted on another forum asking them to make a texture in photoshop, and it was unpaid.

Then in our forum this person said they had made it…then when I pushed for the .blend and a photo, instead of just boasting, this person posted the same picture and said maybe it would be better than that.

So it is obvious and sad. There was no need to do that, since the texture is easy to make…It just doesnt make sense.

Now how can you trust them to not do it again? This has happened before in the beginning, but when someone asked if they had actually made it, after many, atta boys, they finally said no they did not and they would change it for the game.

I just am not used to being in this position. If I manage something at work, Im the boss… but this is a team, you know? No one is the manager.

OH crap…thanks again.

Just crop the infected branch. Your lovely shrub shall see new light and prosperity.

If someone is doing that, then they need to get straightened out, one way or another, for the good of everyone, including him. I’m guessing he’s probably young and claiming a free texture on a free project is not very “dangerous” but gets him some cheap glory. Rather sad. He should learn to work for it.

You’re right, if they do it once and get away with it, they’ll do it again. Plus, who knows what it will be next time? What if they rip of some commercial item and get the project gets caught? You could have a real mess on your hands and lawyers…

If you’re not in charge and don’t feel comfortable enough to confront the person directly, then quietly notify the person who actually did the work. Even if he or she did it for fun, they are not likely to blow you off. The main compensation for free work is recognition, for most people.

If the artist doesn’t care, then I’d let it slide, but keep a VERY close eye on this guy.
If the artist does care, then I’m sure he won’t mind confronting the guy. Let the plagerizer (not actually a thief unless stole a print!) own up and “face” the guy he ripped off. Be good for him.

I have done some confronting…and did again…and wait for the outcome. This person will probably move on. But it is sad.

Whenever I see someone doing that, I pwn them.

I mean I really, really pwn them (with a drop-kick).

Ok then, thank you all for your info. It is finished now.