Etrusco football

Here’s a pic a did some time ago, the Adidas Etrusco, official ball of the 1990 World Cup… I wanted to work on it again, but seems I accidentally deleted the file on my last disk cleanup :(.

(Geocities link - copy and paste)

Wow! Thats super cool. VanPelt you’re a genius! Its impossibe to make a football in 3D , especially one that looks that good. How did you make your football? I’ve tried in the past to make a football using an icosphere and it was an exercise in sheer frustration. To this day its still a mystery to me.

looks great! I feel funny, I’m American and here we call it soccer for some silly reason. Great model, too bad you lost the original file.

I made it for a minicontest for the Spanish-speaking community, for finding ways to model footballs. There turned out to be easier ways to model, one of them involving icospheres and booleans, but I don’t remember very well neither mine nor the others (note to self: must always write down stuff…) :frowning:

I doubt it’s geometrically perfect, I made it mostly by eye with some math. I made a pentagon, duplicated and rotated it several times to form a ‘cage’, then filled the spaces between them forming the hexagons, and obtained a basic, very low-poly mesh of the football, which I later subdivided and smoothed.

Bien dificil estas pelotas. :smiley: You know VanPelt, your pentagon solution sound like the best one. A little tricky perhaps, but still the best one. I download a lightwave football file from the web and it didn’t look easy, it was an icosphere subdivided many many times-too difficult to replicate.

I will try your solution over the coming weeks.

I rendered this one a while ago. Hmm… I never added the stitches! There’s a tutorial on my site if you want to recreate the one you lost (always make backups). I think this can be done entirely in Blender now with the new tools. Maybe I should write another tutorial…

Nice football, scorpius, thanks for the tute. If a find the file or remember how the h**k I modelled the ball, I’m posting.
Ozo, good luck trying.