Euler.Rotate usage

Hi there,
I saw on the developers list that Euler.rotate() is set to replace RotateEuler()…but I can’t find the syntax anywhere…anyone familar with the usage?

more importantly, I guess, is the API saying that RotateEuler() calls for rotations about an axis, in degrees…this seems odd, as it increases the resultant euler by the float indicated, and I’m pretty sure the eulers are in non-degree units :-?


original= Euler([0, 0, 0])
RotateEuler(original, 180, 'z')

#gives euler == [0, 0, 180]
#when applied to an empty, the rotation is quite a bit off from 180deg.
#transform properties now shows RotZ @ 1000!

Does anyone know the conversion from blender euler values to degrees?

For Eulers angles are in radians.

180° -> pi radians

The exact value of Pi is avaible importing it from math module (about 3.141)

To convert rad to degrees :

angle_degres = angle_radian * 180/pi

angle_radian = angle_degres * pi/180

So when you apply your Euleur with a rotation of 180 radians … you have a rotation of 10313,2403 degrees :wink: