Euler to Vector vs Transform Geometry Inconsistency - bug or feature

Dear People,

is it a bug or feature?

can someone please explain to me why it makes a difference to alignment whether I chose this setup -
basically connecting three “Transform Geo” nodes in a row…

instead of doing it this way - connecting three Euler to vector Nodes in a row:

It should be the same result, shouldnt it?

tell me what you think.
Cheers eL

Instead of using Auto Pivot, try Y, X, X.

How does that change things? What do you think is happening?


…okay now the results are identically with both methods… but why?

Does this have to do with the Euler Rotationaxis Order ?
By defining a pivot I use rotational constraints… but wahy is the “TG-Node” evaluating any differently than the “AEtV - Node” ?

Hi, sorry, had to get some sleep.

Because of your input values… try having X,Y and Z components for all input values and the results will be different again. That should be the clue. (And sorry for the “red herring”, but the purpose of this red herring was to make you think about the input values specifically.)


Because they are fulfilling different functions. The TG-Node chain will give each operation equal precedence (and each operation is effectively in global space), but the AEtV-Node chain will only give the last operation precedence (and each operation is effectively in local space).

Spend some more time experimenting on this and it should become clear.