Euro Car(scene)another update 9/8/05 #2

well, i got bored and modeled this little bugger. its my own design.

i haven’t really been happy with the lighting untill now…so i finally decided to put it up 'ere.

-edit- sorry for the jagged edges…im to lazy to turn on AA(will be fixed in final image)

Street lamps are not smoothed and they might be a little small compared to the car. There is a proportional mistake in the image. Maybe you could use the help of reference pics from the internet.
And their light doesn’t seem useful :expressionless: An orange light already lights the scene

Lighting is not that bad, though it makes it look like a studio shot. It depends on what mood you want to create.

Maybe turning on anti aliasing might be a good idea too.

well, being a futuristic city, the streetlamp size can be whatever i choose.

the light from them is to give an effect of nighttime(the orange light will be toned down)

and if you read my first post i said something about AA(it comes later.)

thank you !

little update…messed with some lighting and added a small character-robot !

The shades on the lampposts are dark while they should be screaming white. And the shadows in the indentations in the wall show a light from above, not nighttime street lamps. I thought the window in the wall looked better.


yeah, i see what you mean with those lamps ! but with the shadows i was kinda thinking that the big city above was also lighting the scene, if you know what i mean…

btw, here’s a higher quality render of that same scene(didn’t fix the problems yet)

Looking good. Now put some trash on the ground and a homeless guy sitting by the wall and a bunch of busy business people walking around. Looks awsome though.

actually, looking at that robot…i was thinking about making the whole scene comprised of non-human things…so maybe the scene your describing…except with robots ?

The scene is starting to look great, but you need more details and different textures. Perhaps a good start would be some kerbstones and a drain. Its nice to see gradual progress of an image it is most interesting.

yeah, im currently in the modeling phase right now…so all the materials are really basic and such. but yeah, a curb would be a good thing !

I love the design asthetic here, it’s realistic yet stylised. I like how you changed the lamps to be super smooth. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Keep it up!


Speaking of the lamps, I think that, did the scene exist, there would be less lamps along that stretch of street- three in such a small area seems redundant.

Also, you need some glass where the bulb should be- either glass with spec on to refract the spots, or a circle with high emit to fake it (!)

On the craft itself, is that a wheel or some kind of slug propulsion? It would be cool to have some kind of glowey lights on the intakes.

Oh, and the place where the bin meets the ground looks odd :wink:

finally an update !

i was kinda forgetting about this project for a while but then i decided to bite the bullet and try some texturing. found out it can be quite easy if i just put a little effort into it. so here it is, sorry for the small size:

and yes, i did change the scene a bit. i thought the street lamps were getting pretty annoying with lighting and such…so i went with an awning of sorts. also changed the trash-can situation a bit

I liked the old lighting bettre :frowning:

It seems that the building is the wrong type of building for that scene. Everything else is so nice and shiny, it seems like that car should be pulling up to a fancy hotel/club/restaurant/etc greeted by a robotic servant, but instead a brick wall. Otherwise, you would probably want to dirty up the road car and robot.

i was hoping someone would notice !

this IS going to be a dirty scene. I am currently in the process of “dirtying” it up at this very moment. the car texture is gonna be the hardest i imagine. but im sure i will get it down. this project has been a real eye-opener as far as texturing goes :]

here’s an update, and an example of what i mean by dirtying up the scene:

Looking good, that grate where the water on the street spills into needs to be darkinside, maybe a small pool of water infront of it. Is this a night time scene, i don’t know why, but I feel like the sun is just coming up with that lighting, lighting is good, just doesn’t quite fit, maybe there should be more contrast. Might want to put something on the robot’s screen.
Looks good so far,

quick update for the end of the day

dyson is gonna sue your ass for stealing his wheels :slight_smile: probably turns good though!