Euro Texture dont work please HELP

Hi guys!

I have a question here,

I am making a Euro for a school project, But The weird thing is that the back of the euro is having a mirror effect, not like reflections in blender but like your looking in the mirror.

My euro is a Cilinder. The front of the euro is perfect,

but when I try to texture the back of the euro it looks odd,

you can see that the letters are in turned like you lookin in a mirror,

Ofcourse I want to solve this problem, I tried everything i know, flipping normals, flipping x/y directions, and god knows what more,

Can anyone help me.

I will post the .dot blend file as an attachment.




Teaser EuroParTy1.blend (519 KB)

First select your model and press CTRL+N , as in your blend you have inverted normals in one of the 2 side of it.

Then, on the side that you see the texture being inverted, in Edit Mode select only the faces that are part of the side giving problem.

Finally, in the UV Editor select the UV corresponding and click on UVs then on Mirror -> X Axis.

I tested (on a random texture as you have not packed yours or made an UV map on the blend you attached) and it works.

My guess is that your using a projection method for the texture, and this texture is being projected though the object, making the opposite side “mirrored”.