EVA-01 (NewTokyo buildings)

For now i just have the model,…i like it a lot :smiley: . Tell me what you think…




I think its a really good model, but are you going to texture them so that they are not just solid colours. It would look amazing if you made it look less like the anime and more like the CG from ghost in a shell.

Very nice model, but I think the legs lack a bit of details, especiallyaround the joim with the torso. Anyhow, you on the rignt way, go on withe this.

Hi people!. I started to model the buildings of NewTokyo for the scene. This is the first time that i do buildings, so help will be good. ALso C&C, like always.


Look like there is still work going on this project :wink:

His body parts are too rounded there is no hard edges as for the city, its a start

Well, there a problem. As you can see, in the 3d view, there is an arch in the bridge, but in the render, it doesn’t appear. why?.



fixed. =-P

I like those characters as is. I never saw a Blender project look like a “black light” scene. That is awsome.

Spin: thank you.

Update: more work on the bridge.