Eva Project .blend for all of you

Long long time ago (in 2001) I played a bit with the blender game engine. I made my first game called “The place to be” which was well received.

After that i started working on “Eva Project” with another blender user called Abracsis but the game was never finished. I made 2 levels and he did the main character. Later I added some enemies, sounds etc.

So the other day I was browsing some old backups and found the source file. Since the game was started in 2001 and I am into some other things now I am releasing the .blend for all of you to play with it.

Please notice that this was done in the 2001 blender (I dont remember which version), but it was before the new games engine was released so keep that in mind when trying to make it work. It it doesnt run try with an older blender version.

I found the old site where I hosted the screenshots and put the .blend there too.


This actually runs in 2.42a. Pretty nice game. I didn’t get any sounds though, maybe because of Linux.

didn’t get any sound either, a lot of console complaining about them… and blender crashed :frowning:

yea blender freezed for me

Wow! I remember that game a looong time ago =)
It works fine here on Blender 2.25 :wink: (but without sounds)

wow, omg i am… wow…im gona go get my jaw now it down about 3 floors…dude that is amazing the desine is like nuthing I’ve ever seen…wow

Scorched Earth Games Dev

hi guys:

The sound is quite nice if you figure it out how to make it work.

Anyway, thanks for the comments. You can copy, edit, modify, see how it was done, use it as you desire.

so ya r the textures like free then ill give u credit if u will let me use so just say what name u want in the credits

Hi everyone!

I much liked the textures in 00 eva project alpha. I did not yet meet so literate and professional made textures, and wondered, as this has possible put in 256*256?

Here each pixel is used. My respect and applause author.

Will Possible say several words on how to textures of the metall were done? This Photoshop or Gimp? This was done with mask? In general as methods of the fabrication of such textures.

Best regard.

The author was a popular quake texture artist.
I dont remember his name but here they may do remember it.


I have played the place to be ,before

ok , dlding this game

do you have any other blends ¿

Thanks for reply, sara_qq!
I’m get some tutorials here.
Good luck.