hi guys,

started another character recently. Cartoony in style but based it off the joan of arc concept art so the proportions arent realistic. I am planning on using it as a basemesh for future work but i am hoping to develop her further.

I have started sketching out some very rough clothing concepts. can you guess the inspiration lol?

Very nice model :slight_smile: My only critic would be the leg and feed, they are way too forward. Almost like her leg way broken and put back together real quick. She will fall on her back. I suggest bringing her feet backward a bit. This will also make your leg rig a lot easier to work with, especially if you are going for IK, it needs a slight bend for the IK to work properly, otherwise it wont know where to bend.

But all in all, great work :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
would have to agree about the legs, if you have ever looked at the joan of arc tutorial its the same in the images from that but it does need fixing before i can rig it properly :slight_smile:


leg has now been tweaked so she doesnt look totally off balance. Started roughing out the clothing and since i rendered this out i have softened the cheek a little as it looks a bit too harsh in this. already started tweaking the design with the pauldron but it may undergo some drastic changes yet.

Great update and good job on fixing the leg :slight_smile:

Very interesting cloth design start :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see more :wink:


still loads more to do. added some details to the back of the corset and the thigh holster although it will need some more details and started working on the sash for the arm although i have just blocked its rough position for now.
I seem to have caused some sort of anomaly with the corset also. I have a feeling its because of the solidify modifier but i havent been able to pin it down so far. Any ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:
hopefully if i keep making progress like this it shouldnt take long to finish this stage :stuck_out_tongue:

glad you like it so far :slight_smile:

overlapping faces. remove doubles. Increase the thickness of the solidify.

Thanks Daren, was a second solidify modifier causing the headache. Deleted the modifier and did it the long way :slight_smile:

she looks alot like joan of ark tutorial :wink: looks great though, can you do a solid wire so we can check out the topology?

she was based off the joan or arc concept work which is why she resembles it lol. I did attempt the tutorial when i first started with blender and although i was happy with it at the time i have learnt alot since so wanted to create my own but i like the style of the character :slight_smile:
Started fleshing out the boots and the bracer/blade. Sorry i keep having to scale down the images and the artifacts are from the solidify modifier lol. They are less obvious than the corset so i will clean them up further down the line :slight_smile:

You know what would be an interesting experiment? Add a plane beneath her feet, switch engine from Blender Render to Game Engine, select the character mesh then go to the Physics properties to change Type to “Rigid Body” and check Collision Bounds plus switch its type to Triangle Mesh.

Then you can hover over the 3d view and press ‘p’ to run the physics sim to see if she stays standing!

The center of gravity is defined by the object Origin and the mass, I am pretty sure, is distributed per vertex.

If you can get her to balance on a sideways cylinder then I think you win.


@bizla, that looks seriously impressive matey :slight_smile: the boots were really easy so far to be honest lol i duplicated the leg area and put it into its own object then just extruded the lip of the boot, extruded and flattened the sole and just generally gave it a bit more shape. I have to say your armour looks seriously impressive :slight_smile:

@rking, i havent actually used the game engine before lol i tried following your instructions but the character mesh just doesnt appear lol the plane is there but nothing else lol. I am keen to give it a shot just to see but i will have to figure out how to get it working lol. any pointers?
found out it was the subsurf modifier causing the annomaly. She rocks a bit when on the cylinder but doesnt topple lol :stuck_out_tongue: anyway i can record it to show the motion?

thank you very much xD the armour was a sod to do, but by far the most difficult thing was the cape believe it or not lol.
awesome, ill have to use that technique for my next human project… if you dont mind of course :stuck_out_tongue:

of course i dont mind lol its not anything original lol learning from each other is the best way we can grow to achieve better things :slight_smile:
really? i thought the cape would just have been a subdivided plane then sculpted/ cloth simulation on it. does look really good though :slight_smile: i love the hair on it to lol. its one thing i definitely suck at lol.

thats exactly what i thought too lol, but in the end had to subdivide a bunch of times, then cloth sim then create a nurbs path going around her then (awkwardly) get the cape to wrap around that lol, but got there in the end :slight_smile:
awesome, ill definately do that then :slight_smile:
i was really happy with the hair too, im pretty sure i added the video link into my thread, it definately helped me out with her hair, check it out :slight_smile:
are you doing more work to your today?

only a bit of progress today lol im off out later so i have been a bit strapped for time lol.
worked on the bracer and hidden blade though lol.
like an idiot i made some corrections to the wrist when i did the render of it with the blade partly extended lol. i ended up having to delete half the mesh again and re add a mirror modifier lol. Means i will have to go back and resculpt everything facepalms!. to be fair in hindisght i should be leaving the UV unwrapping and texuring until i actually finish the model lol.
I am planning on rigging the blade based on some concept art i found. as each layer of the blade extends the circle at the top rotates (the blade will be telescopic but will look as if its powered by the dial lol.) just have to go through and model the actually robe now lol (and put details onto everything lol.)

awesome progress, the blades remind me of asassins creed a bit lol :wink:

lol im glad its recognisable :stuck_out_tongue: been a busy weekend and now i have mass effect 3 lol progress has slowed :S :stuck_out_tongue:

cloak is just about done, more details added to the boots :slight_smile: need to finish the hood then onto the CAPE!!!

aha, ive just been hit with huge jealousy :slight_smile: i’ll get once the first bug patch has been released for PC :slight_smile:
oh the cape next eh :wink: have fun, cant wait to see how you do it, you might think of an easier way than me

its worth it :stuck_out_tongue: tis very well executed (At least what i have seen so far :)). Thats the plan at least although im not entirely sure how im going to give it life lol. The actual model will be really simple its just giving it that flowing movement :slight_smile:

your making my mouth water now… screw the bug fixes im getting it! :wink:
aha, thats the difficult part, but im sure you will come up with a good way to get that flowing look :slight_smile: