Evangelion 01

This is my latest render “Evangelion 01” . All parts modelled in Blender and rendered in Cycles at 2000 samples, render size 3840x2160, render time 15 minutes.

others views…


Lovely work and pose. I was watching Evangelion 3.33 just yesterday. Nice presentation too!

What graphics card do you have!?!?! 2000 samples on that huge of an image in 15 minutes?? Ridiculous. I smell a Titan.

Thanks… :slight_smile:

I have a GTX 980

Thanks… :slight_smile:

wow incredible…well done!!!

Thanks friend!!!

hey Man, can u show me a Clay pose of This awesome model? Thanks!!!

Also the wireframe If is pissible! Thanks…

This is the clay model, it’s not completed and with pose but i think is ok for your scope!

Wow Thanks…can u show me also the wireframe and some materials?

I love Evangelion, man! Great work!

Thanks friend…

this is a part of the body and the head…

Wow…good Job, well done! Thanks for the wire and the Clay views!!! :slight_smile:

very nice, now animate it :slight_smile:

Cool! I myself couldn’t do it to the end several years ago.

Mother? :wink:
Incredibly well done!