Evangelion 1.0

Wow I am really excited since my beloved anime its gonna have its remake. And a good one.

here you have the trailer: http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/evangelion10/

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Did u maake this?:eek:


No sweety pie… or is that Waffly woo, he’s merely supplying a link to a preview. (Well at least he’s not claiming to, if I read the post right.)

Personally, a friend of mine seems to think I should watch Evangelion. Never quite got around to it thou… errr, is it any good? I rather loved robotech, that was when I was growing up and I’d like to see the other version of it. When it comes to Anime though I love
Miyazaki, I’ve seen Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and years before I saw Nausicaa and now I’ve gone and bought the DVD cause I fell in love with it the first time I saw it! I’d love to see the rest of his stuff, but can’t find it in shop, though for the strangest reason we have a game and anime shop here in the biggest town in the valley, which amazes me really cause usually these kinda shops don’t even last in the city itself!

I love the idea… but no :slight_smile:

I strongly recommend the Evangelion serie (and no the movie) to any one. Just think like this: would you like to see the story when Earth has passed its Armageddon but fortunately some small part of humans survive. Now to finish with the rest of them the Earth is being invaded by Angels. But fortunately the humanity managed to prepare itself for the attacks constructing giant humanoid robots to fight against them… ?

Of course there is much, much more to it. This is actually more like a drama with a very deep story. Just wanted to underline the main idea behind the movie.

If you are still in doubt, check out the first two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and u will love it…!!

Ok i didn’t know.

I thought he was saying it like that sorry…:o


Hey my brother just bought this entire series on DVD like a week ago, I’ll have to borrow it next time I see him.

And I’ll have to tell him about this, he is internetless