Evangelion-new model and new render./ 30/10


update 30/10/2007

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Woh oh, ease on the talking, babblemouth, before you get fingercramp…


pretty neat cris_2703. But I wonder how this would look with:

a) bigger and sharper specularity

b) a surrounding (like an angmap or skymap) that would show on his reflective suit

It could totally suck, but I was just wondering.

ok Sago. I will do it. wait a little.

Thanks for the comments.

Well done Cris, I really like it. Think I’ll try something similar soon.

oooh! am always so happy when I meet someone who loves nge :smiley:


nice model but put it on a background :wink:

Is it transparent or reflective or what…

Great modelling… but he looks like he’s made out of candy.

evangelion unit #1 Ready for action lol nge is an awesome anime nice work

I like the shading, it’s like almost cel-shaded but not quite.

I can’t see the face well.

Can you show me the face?

It’s missing some blockiness to it. Too round I say.


sigh fanboys…

I watched evangelion last night thinking “Hmmmm, I’d like to model this sometime” looks like someone beat me to it. Nice work, but I think its a little to shiny. Also, I know it’s because of the pose, but the right leg looks kinda funny.

I’d like to see it in a battle scene :smiley:

First of all: Sago:
a) i made a render with bigger and sharper specularity, and i didnt like it. :-? Maybe if i change the light setting, could work.
b) im working on the NEWTOKYO city, trying to make a lot of buildings. Then, when the buildings are finished i will use a skymap.

FuzzMaster: it is reflective.


Great modelling… but he looks like he’s made out of candy


waynefox3: thank you. i agree with you, NGE is awsome.

Justin: thanks.
i also saw all the NGE, but some years ago. I wanted to model the EVA when i saw the concep art of the NGE Live Action movie.
i will model an ANGEL and I will do the battle scene when the city finishes

PassiveSmok: i like the shading too :smiley:

Wolf: here is the face



fuck*ng amazing dude. i love it.

keep adding details. In my opinion there’s to much raymir

I’m agree about reflection, it’s too much, at least with a null environment. maybe you could try with a HDR and yafray…!

http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/2245/evafinal7ei.jpg :smiley:

just ray tracing now, no AO, no YAFRAY(to much time for render)

gah i could have sworn i posted some gushing praise for this the other day but my comment doesn’t seem to be there. anyway, i think it looks great! glad to see us eva fanboys are well represented on elysiun. my only suggestion would be some textures to maybe help give it a sense of scale. like bump maps to show how the metal plating comes together or something. either way, excellent stuff!

Looks pretty sweet. I’ve always wanted to make a map of the cage for Counterstrike or some other FPS. Complete with switches to make the LCL draining from the tank, the gantry’s pulling back, and the EVA slowly roll to the launch bay. Would be sweet as.

Shame I don’t know the first thing about making counterstrike maps %|

OK, thanks for the replies again.
good to know that someone like it :smiley:

the only thing i could say to tweek is the theeth on the evas are white but again like i said befor great job (i missed the show last week so i forgot that part about it)