Evans & Sutherland DigiStar 4

I am producing CG animations for an Evans & Sutherland Dome theater. It is a 60 foot dome, with 6 projectors. I would like to contact other people working in this medium. As of now E&S has a limited selection of Codecs that they can work with. I have tried MP4 MPEG-4 Codec it is to lossy. I can try the other Codecs which will take time so some help would be very much appreciated.

The project I am working on uses bullet physics to drop a Keva plank structure onto the audience in the museum’s Dome theater, it is a promotion for the Keva area. I have the render corrected for Dome distortion and the 180 degree coverage. The master render is 2048 by 2048 as a series of png frames at 16 bit color depth with a 90 sec run time, this appears to be a fair compromise for a master.