EvE models in blender..

Hello everyone,
I’ve been looking at some of the trailers on http://www.eveonline.com/download/videos/?type=2 .and i think there awesome animations.Anyway,i found a way to get some of them in Blender,textured them and added all the FX in Blender.
I’d like to add the lights on the ships texture http://wire.ggl.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/eve-online01.jpgbut i dont know how to go about it.If anyone can help me,i’d be greatful.

Thanx in advance.

here’s a quick test

You will need to make another texture (b&w or greyscale) and apply it to the “Emit” channel. Just take the texture images for the ships into photoshop, make a new layer over the top of them and fill it with black. Then paint white onto any areas that will glow (the windows, power cells or anything else you’d like to be lit up). Then save the texture as a new file so that it’s just black and white without any of the ship’s texture showing.

It’s easier to do this if you use “lighten” or “overlay” on the layer you’re painting on (the emit layer). Then after you’ve painted the white parts, set that layer to “normal” and save the image file that way. The models look nice in your videos.

Also, the game is probably already using a glow or emit channel in their textures already, so maybe check to see if you don’t already have them.

Thank you for your response and advice.I’ve tryied following your steps but for some reason,the lights are too distoreted and fuzzy.I found a simular tut,
i’l be trying that one as well.I’l post some new pics and animations soon…

Thank you again,