A personal project I did about a month ago as an exercise on modeling sci fi characters. The modeling, texturing and rendering are all in blender with additional clothes sculpt in Mudbox.

Any advice/feedback/criticism is very welcomed!

Excellent concept and execution, I like it!

Nice ! It’s a shame it is so dark (except the last image), we can barely see the details.

nice job! but the renders are pretty dark, as @Itza said…

This is great! Have you ever considered VFX work? You would be really good at it!

Thanks all for the comments, glad you guys liked it.:wink:

You are right I probably should make a brighter render, as it is not the first time this issue is being pointed out. I will post here the updated results as soon as I will work on it.

2beau11 Thanks, I really was thinking about working in VFX, but choosed the gaming industry instead :wink:

very good modeling but crappy lighting it doesn’t really show off the modeling