Evee motion blur works?

Hey guys am i tripping or is it that Evee doesnt render motion blur?

Using 2.8

Motion blur in eevee is limited to the camera motion atm.

There is an addon that enables motion blur for object deformations but I’m not up to date with it’s status. You can read about it here: [updated july 19 2019] Eevee real object based Motion Blur v0.4.3


gotcha! thanks! its really weired when it has that option then it doesnt work. :open_mouth: cheers man!

Hi there, I wrote that addon. Thanks for the link!
The current status is: It works, it gets the job done and it’s still waay faster than switching to cycles. Main downside is that it gives no feedback (i.e. progress bar), and you can’t cancel it reliably (beyond killing blender), and no render window preview either. Just renders to image sequence. The only way to get some progress data is launching Blender via the console (if you know how to do it) and watching there.
I’m on to solve all that issues, but I need better coding skills, and more Blender’s API knowledge to address that. I’m working on both.
In the meanwhile I’m using it regularly in production with no issues.
Any news and new versions will be posted on that thread.
Use it and enjoy :+1: .

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Hey, thanks for the addon. but now i checked it when i install- it gives me no errors, But its copied to app data/ blender foundation/ addons… Do you know any fix for that?

You have to uncompress it before installing, and search for the .py file directly, not the .zip

Thats great. plugin does work i see. but applying it freezes blender sadly. I have 980m intel 6700hq laptop… maybe its too much ? :slight_smile: