Evee Reflection Issue


Im wondering what is going on with the cube reflection – the jagged reflection. I have adjusted various parameters but not sure how to diagnosis the issue. I have metal set to 1 and roughness to 0. I turned on screen space reflections, but nothing worked. I created the environment texture in illustrator. The reflections are fine in cycles. I’m new and apologize if is this is obvious.


sozen.blend (3.1 MB)

You don’t have textures packed into to your file so I coudn’t replicate the same look (you can do that by File - External Data - Pack all into blend).

But the issues is cubemap resolution. Even if you don’t have any cubemap probes in your scene the world material is treated as a cubemap. Screen space reflections won’t help in this case as the cube is angled so that it is reflecting only things that aren’t on screen so SSR has no data to fill in and the reflections come from cubemap only.

I’ve increased the cubemap resolution from the default 512px to 4096, 2k would probably good enough also.

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Wow! thanks so much for the solution. I changed the cube map size and it solved the issue. I can’t tell you how nice it is to fix that probelm.

Greatly appreciated!

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