Even at an Early Age (inspired by Sid from Toy Story)

I wondered if sid (from Toy Story) ever destroy his toys even at a younger age, like even in his toddler years, so I made this out of that inspiration :slight_smile:

I think the “corn popper” is pretty accurate, but please critique on anything you see wrong with anything in this image, don’t be shy :wink:

I love where you are getting your inspiration from…well done.

I think the concept is good, and you are definitely improving. The taped up drawing is a nice touch.

The biggest flaw in my eyes is that it is too dark, possibly your monitor is set very bright. I am viewing this on a nice tv, and it is way too dark. The vignette is too strong as well. Keep it up miss, I like your style!

Missmajor, please note that Focused Critique is generally used for projects that aren’t finished yet. Don’t double-post in Finished Projects and Focused Critique. Critique occurs in Finished Projects, too, so there’s no need to post things here too.