Even More Radiosity!

(BgDM) #1

Here is part of my Swoop Bike WIP with the radiosity applied and some textures. I think I might try to render the final scene with radiosity now. These textures are temp and will not be the final.



(Ecks) #2

really cool! I like the texture…I want to see that bike finish!!! :wink:

(I remember you posting a unfinished car long time ago and you said you will finish the texture…but you never repost it…It was a racing car for the 24h I think…I am not sure. What happen I would like to see it finish!)

(BgDM) #3

Yes, my car. I know. I am still doing textures in my free time, (which is not much, I have 3 kids, :o , plus work). I will hopefully get some of that done this weekend. I want to finish it.

For those who do not know what X-WARRIOR is asking about, here is the Jaguar:



(paradox) #4

Nice Jag I too would like to see it finished when you get the time.
It is good to see more radiosity pictures, looks like Dotblend got more of back into exploring Blender’s radiosity. Looking forward to seeing it with the final textures.