Even the slightest touch of Weight Paint has max effect :-(

Hi there,

I am weighting a monster’s lips, and I have a bone controlling the curve of the lips, and that is mirrored for the other side of the face.

When the middle of the lower lip lowers to create the smile curve, there was a harsh crease. So I added some very slight touches of Weight Paint (.001) the the area below the lip in the hope that if that moves down slightly, but not as much as the full lip, so it will smooth out the crease (like proportional editing).

But the result is that the very slight weighted area moves downward EVEN FURTHER than the lip itself… when it should move down less far as it is weight less!? HELP please!!!


I also noticed that when I paint an area on the left vert group, the right vertex group gets that same weight but mirrored. Is there some kind of mirror paint toggle? And might that cause the prob by multiplying the effect over each other?

I can only guess that the points around are not assigned to any vertex group until you add that 0.001, so being it the only weight on those vertices, it acts as if it was 1.
All the vertices that are not assigned to the lips bones should be assigned to the head bone, or to a mandible one if it exist, in other words the weight maps should be normalized, and the sum of weights of each vertex should be equal to 1.


Yes, I tested it, and 0.001 Weight Paint Strength has the same effect as 1 (red) Strength - how so? :frowning:

With my poor english I tried to explain, could you be more explicit in your question?

You could lock the vertex groups that are working just now and then paint those groups that are currently empty (head, mandible, or others) with Auto Normalize activated for the brushes.


Thanks Paolo.

Yes I found that there was a Vertex Group where all was weighted 1, but it was not called exactly the same name as root bone. So I changed the name of the vertex group to match the root bone BUT it hasn’t worked. DO I need to do anything else to make the Vertex Group ‘attach’ to the bone? The armature is linked at Data level. DO i need to re-skin it?

Does the root bone that has all the mesh weighted x 1 to it, need ‘deform’ enabled?

The armature as modifier is working, so the problem is only on vertices weight I guess.
What do you mean with ‘it doesn’t worked’? If you move the bone does the mesh follow? If not, and the weights of the related groups are 1 then maybe the bone has the Deform option deactivated in the Properties Panel.

Without a file is difficult to guess.

We are overlapping each other with editing.


Ah yes, it was because the root bone in the master file where it was linked in from was not sent to ‘deform’. Many thank! All solved!

I’m glad of that.