Even though he set the strength of bump map to 0.001, why is the scratches visible?

Hello. Thank you for watching my post.

I was watching Andrew Price’s video about how to make realistic metal, and I imitated it. Yes, I want to make a metalic object. I think I did almost the same thing as he did, however, I don’t think my bump map worked well.

How can I make scratches when the strength of the bump is 0.001? I wonder why he can still see the scratches when the strength of the bump is 0.001…


metal.blend (548 KB)

The Blender version in AP’s tutorial is 2.66. See how his Bump node looks completely different than the one Blender uses now (no “Distance” parameter, no “Invert” checkbox etc.).

I think it’s safe to assume that the changes in functionality of this node over the time are the reason why you now need different settings to achieve a similar effect. When watching Blender tutorials, always check the version they were created with and be prepared for possible changes.

Thank you very much for answering!
I haven’t considered it before. I’m going to find the best strength in this version by myself.