even UV map AFTER cloth simulation

I am trying to texture a bed blanket that I already ran a cloth sim on to make it look messy and natural. The problem is that now that it is not a perfectly flat square, i cant just project the UVs from view to give me a perfect UV map like in the attached picture.

The attached picture shows what i am trying to get the UVs to look like, and the attached blend file contains the mesh.

Thanks for any help!


uvs.blend (267 KB)

You should have unwrapped it before running the simulation, or after baked it, at the starting point of simulation.

Anyway, now you can select just one quad and in the texture editor make it a perfect square, then select all (A key), the edited quad must remain the active one. Now in the viewport run the UV-mapping command: U -> Follow Active Quads (Even). It should do the job.


thank you kind sir, that worked perfectly