Even wall thickness

Hey, guys,
I’ve dived into architecture recently and I’ve hit a snag: I am fond of angles in my models and, while extruding walls for my buildings, the diagonal walls are much thicker than the cardinal ones (obviously, given that the diagonal across a 1x1 square is larger than one). Is there a way to nicely get even diagonal walls to be exactly the same width? I’m a bit math challenged so I probably won’t get it working by myself :o

Don’t get it.
You should explain the problem more. Screenshots,etc

You might want to try out the Solidify script, which does a reasonable (though not perfect) job of generating uniform thickness shells.

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Okay, here is the problem.
Creating a triangle and extruding the diagonal makes the wall wider. Extruding and rotating the ends makes the diagonal wall narrower. The “just right” one was made with two of the same objects, one rotated 45 degrees. I need a quick way to make (Extrude?) the diagonal wall so its diagonal thickness == the cardinal wall (ones that go up, down. left. right).

I could drag the offending vertices myself, but that is slow and imprecise. This is bugging me!


Did you try the Solidify script? In more detail:-

Start with the outside wall profile

and extrude it upwards to give the outside surface

Then select everything, and use Mesh->Scripts->Solidify Selection


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Have done that, only sometimes it solidifies in the wrong direction and everything messes up! Not sure why only some of the many normals are flipped for some reason…

Well, you’ve got to scale up the face. Don’t extrude it at the beginning. What I did to obtain what I got on the picture was:
-Take the upper face of a cube.
-Scale it up, locking Y-axis, by the square root of 2 (approx. 1.4142)
-Rotate the face by 45 degrees clockwise (from the front view).


Just take a quick look and confirm all the normals are pointed either inwards or outwards before you solidify. Depending on how you created the base, some of the normals can be (and often are) flipped from the orientation you’re wanting.