Evening boredom with old friend Blender

Haven’t touched blender for… 3 years already, but just to check if I remember keyboard shortcuts I wasted entire evening :wink:
Yes, I remember them, its like riding a bike…

Awesome bodedom, keep boring yourself.

The orange color is very believable. I’m impressed. :slight_smile: Also the text is a neat touch.

Want to model a Blender, blender for ages now… That’s great! Love the retro look. (and really the orange color is an awesome touch)

Awesome design, and modeling, and materials and everything.

I wanna see more of this blender, like the lid, the power socket… Everything! :slight_smile: How did you add the numbers on the plastic? Could you add a close up of it?

You did far better than I. After a little less than three years, I had to start from scratch. I remembered very little more than Ctrl-A. (sigh)